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Wilkinson has supplied Chute Systems since the 1920's - Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the country's leading manufacturer in all markets. We carry all rated components & door types (including Ground Floor "Thru-the-Wall" TTW units). We also have many optional items – just let us know what is specified.

Contact us to discuss the project details, or Request a Quote and we'll work with you to prepare Shop Drawings.

If sleeves or a Factory Installed Sound Dampening Coating is required let us know. We also offer you Specialized HD Chute Offsets if required.

We guarantee you time sensitive production scheduling for pick up or delivery. WCC is your partner for on-time; on-budget product supply & service. As an Independent Chute supplier we don't bid Project Ventilation contracts, just work cooperatively with our dealer partners. We can also assist with installations if requested.

WCC - Your partner for all chute system products.


WILKINSON CHUTES CANADA ® is a registered trademark of Geoff and Krista Simms Enterprises Limited
Call us at 416.746.5547 or 1.866.535.0558
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