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Wilkinson has supplied Chute systems since the 1920's Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the country's leading manufacturer of Chute Systems for Residential, Healthcare / Hospitality & I.C.I. markets.

Insure you choose the correct product to meet the Project needs - for project planning advice & recommendations Contact us

WCC designs & builds all rated chute elements; and offers a range of "site suitable" ULc & WHI Doors. We also carry optional chute components to suit the project requirements.

Previously, Waste Management items (i.e. - Bins / Compactors) were separated from the chute (found in a different area of bid documents).

Multi Material Disposal "as convenient" Waste Diversion Planning has evolved to an "automated building system" including: Chutes; Doors & Recycling Systems. WCC's product selection insures you recommend the optimum integrated specifications, minimizing deficiencies and simplifying the building process.

We offer expert project planning and a suitable quality Tri-Sorter System.

A key consideration for High Rises is a "Lockable" Recycling Door, integrated to our "Intelli-Gen" PLC system, providing resident access control and system troubleshooting for staff. The system includes a control panel connection to provide Optional "Remote Alert System" (at the concierge desk) for 24/7 real time system alerts.

We also have expertise in Mixed Use building projects. Our Metro Compactor Service ® Division is Canada's I.C.I. market leader.

For organizations looking to execute Replacement Chute Systems or Door upgrades we are here to discuss your needs.

Rely on WCC for:

  • Complete Chute Systems - Linen or Disposal
  • Cost-effective, site specific - product recommendations.
  • Expert advice with exacting equipment specifications.

Consult with WCC experts; choose cost-effective, suitable project specs!


WILKINSON CHUTES CANADA ® is a registered trademark of Geoff and Krista Simms Enterprises Limited
Call us at 416.746.5547 or 1.866.535.0558
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