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Wilkinson was founded in the early 1900's - North America's first Chute manufacturer. Today Wilkinson Chutes Canada ® (WCC) is the world's leading manufacturer. We design; manufacture, supply & install innovative Linen & Waste / Recycling Chute Systems, used in Residential; Mixed Use - Hotel & Healthcare markets

We're here to collaborate with you; your Architects; Mechanical Consultants and Construction team. As a key team member – we can help early in the project design and application process.

Our expertise is unparalleled we having designed & built ALL system elements for years. Our Custom Waste Management Systems are guaranteed to provide a precise, functional fit & finish. Our pricing is competitive. We seamlessly deliver all system components, with your project team.

Traditional Linen & Disposal Chutes with Garbage Compactors & Bin systems are often specified. Today, urban areas expect "as convenient" Recycling System planning - call us to discuss your options.

Our Tri-Sorter & Bi-Sorter systems are built with quality and customized for the site application. We also offer a safe, powerful WCC H.D. Bin mover or various Bin Handling Systems.

For Project Planning we offer CAD layout system design, insuring an efficient "space saving" functional fit & finish. Our knowledge keeps you "in the loop" we are here to assist with your Site Plan Application submission - just Contact Us.

We offer "in-house" leasing, with optional extended warranty programs.

  • Planning Advice & Design of On-budget Chute based systems.
  • Diverse product range - customized to cost effectively meet your needs.

Consult early; plan wisely & control costs - insure your project is a success!
Ask us about our Tarion Guarantee!


WILKINSON CHUTES CANADA ® is a registered trademark of Geoff and Krista Simms Enterprises Limited
Call us at 416.746.5547 or 1.866.535.0558
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