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For New Construction and Existing buildings we offer a comprehensive range of additional products.

WCC - Compactor / Waste Management Room Specialty Items

For New Construction and Existing buildings we have Basic Rodent (Vermin); Fly & Odour control units. We also offer specialized odour control solutions.

WCC – Specialty Metal Items

We offer a compliment of Custom Metal Specialties including:

  • INTERIOR - Hallway Grilles; Wall Corner Guards & Door Kick Plates
  • Louvers; Drip Pans & Fan Parts

WCC – Optional Bin Transporting systems

We have Various Bin handling solutions for Buildings to insure staff has to tools to do the job right including:

Rechargeable WCC HD Bin Mover ideal for safely moving heavy, multiple Steel bins. Our "tight space" - flex-arm design will operate up a 3% grade.

Each unit is accompanied by a Detailed User Instruction Safety Manual!

  • Rechargeable WCC Pallet Lift HD Bin Mover.
  • Towing Tractors (Underground-Long Distance - over 3% grade)
  • Specialized Bin Trailers (if required).

Operations may use Totes in various locations and require these contents to be emptied into a FEL bin for vehicle collections. To reduce workplace issues we have certified Tote Tippers to handle the task.

For New Buildings where towing is not the solution, your may require design options to insure staff has the equipment needed - including:

  • Scissor lifts or
  • Bin freight elevators

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