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We take our contribution to effective business partnering relations seriously.

Our honest straightforward approach is outlined in this section – rich with resources to assist you in effectively understanding what we do and how we can effectively assist and provide value to you.


Browse through the flyers we have created over the years to better see the range of Products & Services we have to offer you.


We have contributed educational content for many industry publications for the major Condo, Rental Apartment & Waste / Recycling Industry Magazines / Newsletters, Here are a few we have contributed as well the contributions of other relevant to our field of expertise.


We are involved with many public & association events (PM Expo; Springfest; ACMO / CCI & GTAA venues) - keeping you informed.

Our moderating efforts bring together various disciplines, presenting case studies with experts on timely, relevant matters. With a thorough understanding of current & pending Waste Management trends & legislative initiatives, you will be well informed.

Our Educational Power Point Presentations (PPT's) provide you with the knowledge to empower wise decision-making. You can effectively plan & invest wisely, to meet your buildings requirements. Architects, Property Management & Mechanical Consultant Companies regularly call on us to provide PPT's - Contact us to arrange a meeting with your team.


Here you will find a variety of pictures and PDF files of products and components so you can understand the details of product excellence and true value.

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